A healthier way to exercise…

Finding the right way of ensuring your body keeps ticking over well into your future is like booking a holiday. There are so many choices you need filters to help you decide. Are you exercising to lose weight, interested in maintaining a decent aerobic level, improving muscle strength, or ensuring good bone density? Do you prefer a solo or shared exercise routine and what appeals to you most, an indoor or outdoor workout? 

I discovered Nordic walking by chance. I’d been a fitness instructor for over ten years, and like many other trainers, I’d pushed my body too far. I was suffering from a certain amount of hip wear and tear and needed a way of maintaining my fitness whilst also strengthening the muscles around my hips to give them a chance to repair and improve. The official advice was to watch my weight, cushion my hips while sleeping, wear comfortable supportive shoes and modify my exercise routine. A professional referral would have helped point me in the right direction, fortunately for me, I had a friend to set me on the right track. 

She suggested I start a regular walking routine. My busy routine had previously restricted my exercise routine to indoor venues, so until this point, I’d had little opportunity to take advantage of the gorgeous Norfolk countryside on my doorstep. Determined to make a change I made time for myself and researched several walking routes where I could safely walk on my own. I loved being immersed in the natural surroundings and was soon hooked. However, with no dog to accompany me, I missed company.

When I tried a Nordic Walking session, I not only discovered a gentle form of exercise that allowed me to improve my overall health, I also found my tribe. With the help of an instructor, we tailored my walks to target my needs and best of all, while the muscles around my damaged hip grew stronger I found myself amongst a supportive like-minded group of individuals who nourished me with their own stories of recovery.

It was hard not to be impressed by the physical and mental rehabilitating powers of my Nordic walking group. And my experience was so uplifting that I decided to train as an instructor myself. My powerful story of recovery drives me to help others – it’s my little way of giving back and inspiring others. 

If you want to join me and begin a journey of discovery yourself, contact me via my website or call me for a chat.